• It has lit­er­ally been years since I last saw Man­doza and what a delight to see him so well and in con­trol. When I think of Man­doza I think of fast cars, cashola and gangsta chains. Here is some of our time together and of course an off beat quirky colab-​enjoy;)
  • Not only is Jimmy Nevis a dish but he is hon­estly such an open, warm and delight­ful soul. What a plea­sure get­ting to hang out and as always serve up a JLT quirky colab. Ps Mike Zuma-​eezy you so rock Mr x
  • Ever won­dered what sort of par­ent­ing skills Bat­man would have if he was a dad? Meet Blake real life Dad to 4 and Jen’s hubby. I love this dude– he is so in it to win it. I laughed out loud when I first watched this. Not only is his voice and role play­ing epic but I love how his kids and Jen react to go. What a won­der­ful fun fam­ily x
  • As a par­ent I at times find myself singing in jolly togeth­er­ness with my lit­tle ones. From the out­side it might sound a lit­tle much as we crash, smash and bang any type of objects to add splen­dor to our vocal involve­ment. This dude and his two musi­cal won­der­ments have taken it so to another level. Check this fam­ily cover of Depeche Mode-​insane!
  • Yaaaay Dur­ban!
  • In March Mike and I after months of search­ing found our dream home. This home is a true tes­ta­ment that if you want some­thing bad enough you will get it as this space is/​was our dream and an exam­ple of pos­i­tive man­i­fes­ta­tion. From the par­quet floors, stack­ing doors, beau­ti­fully leafy gar­den and pool.…the list goes on. Not a day goes last that we don’t revel in our bless­ings. Wel­come to our home x