• awning co

    Oh my word! I can­not tell you how blown away I am by the work that was done at my home recently by the Awning Co. I left for work leav­ing a naked veranda behind and arrived home to see our out­side area totally trans­formed and framed by the most exquis­ite awning. The work­man­ship is flaw­less, such atten­tion to detail. I was astounded at how quickly the awning was installed. I so love how the awning looks like an exten­sion of our home as apposed to an add on or after thought. I am gob smacked! I can’t wait for hot bak­ing Dur­ban days out­side sip­ping some­thing cold under the awning as the kids busy them­selves mak­ing mud cakes. In the past when the sun beat down we had to seek shade else­where. On the flip side when the rain comes down we can now sit tight as apposed to fran­ti­cally col­lect­ing the out­side cush­ions and run­ning for cover. I have visu­al­ized myself sit­ting under the awning lis­ten­ing to the rain­drops drip­ping onto the roof, and now it’s a real­ity!

    The sound of rain on roof is a nos­tal­gic one for me it takes me back to happy times spent at the farm and at board­ing school. It is always so easy rav­ing about expe­ri­ences like this one, and for that I thank you. www​.awningsco​.co​.za
  • alliance security fencing

    Alliance Fenc­ing swooped onto our prop­erty and installed two beau­ti­ful wooden fences as well as a high volt­age elec­tric fence for our prop­erty. Next time you drive around check out how many prop­er­ties have fences from Alliance.
  • Blue-Security

    After years of pos­i­tive man­i­fes­ta­tion and hard work we own our dream home. It is such a com­fort know­ing the boys in Blue are only a call away.
  • Good-fellas-150x150
    I am ashamed to admit that in my early 20′s I didn’t give drink­ing and dri­ving another thought. I do realise how self­ish and irre­spon­si­ble that behav­iour was. I can hon­estly say that I wont drive after even one glass of wine. It really sad­dens my heart to hear of the hor­rific and reg­u­lar­ity that drunk dri­ving acci­dents hap­pen. Please I urge you to go out and have a party by all means but instead of risk­ing your pre­cious life and the life of oth­ers rather give a sober dri­ver a ring or call on GOOD FEL­LAS. They will send a dri­ver to wher­ever you are and safely return you home in your own car. So no mat­ter if a gath­er­ing with mates turns boozy you can let your hair down, pour another drink and depend on Good Fel­las. Have fun keep safe.
  • Hoi-Polloi-1-300x300

    Fay and I made con­tact when she did my hair for JHB fash­ion week. It was wild-​bright blue and a Yolandi type white rat tail-​super hot. Fay holds a pair of scis­sors like I hold a glass of wine with know­ing, belong­ing and great ease. I love the way Fay cuts to high­light and show­case my best features.
  • IC-Logo-with-Tagline

    In this techno savvy world where Facebook,Twitter and Mixit are as com­mon as milk, eggs and sugar and on line find­ings such as Baby Bieber are open oppor­tu­ni­ties for any­one who has a com­puter it is crit­i­cal to be con­nected. INCRED­I­BLE CON­NEC­TION and that they are have been by my side for the last cou­ple of years mak­ing sure I am hooked up and con­nected. I have done in store work for most of their KZN stores and no mat­ter which branch you are in the staff are help­ful and will­ing. I am very proud to be asso­ci­ated with this INCRED­I­BLE brand.
  • Jockey1-231x300

    I was recently gifted with a royal blue two piece PJ set from JOCKEY. A soft long sleeved top and long pants. Being extremely preg­nant if I am out and about in the world I am in real clothes but if indoors my first choice is my JOCKEY. I absofrig­gin­lootly love them! So much so that if they are in the wash and not ready for a wear­ing I go into a decline. I have been known to hand wash them myself and leave them out in the sun to dry as to have them ready for the next wear. I now have a grape colour set and a cute blue and red sailor type set. Dur­ing this last stretch of preg­nancy my skin feels like it is burn­ing and hav­ing this del­i­cate fab­ric on my body is an instant soothe.
    Check out www​.jockey​.co​.za
  • joico

    So lov­ing using Joico hair prod­ucts, the name says it all right? I adore the look of the prod­ucts very rock n roll dar­ling. Some­thing suit­able for all do’s and looks. Check out www​.joico​.co​.za
  • blanklogo

    Being a home owner and spend­ing time in either of the Lightco stores is such a joy. From con­ven­tional light­ing to bright and quirky they have it cov­ered. We recently had some bright flood lights fit­ted into our gar­den and dri­ve­way. In the same day I picked up the most dar­ling paint splat lamp for the kids playroom.

    Check out

  • lupa

    Hands down one of the best meals I have ever had was at Lupa. Mike and I went for a date and where blown away. I had seared tuna that after every mouth­ful I gushed, ooed and aaaard. You can imag­ine my delight when they opened their wel­com­ing doors in my hood,Westville.

    There is some­thing extra ordi­nary about Lupa. There is an energy and vibe that is intox­i­cat­ing. World class decor, ser­vice and chow. Hope to see you there soon.

    Tel: 031 266 8793
  • vw-logo

    From the moment I met Emma, Dealer Prin­ci­ple at McCarthy VW Umh­langa, I knew we would be friends for life. I feel so at home every time I pop into the deal­er­ship and the team is so vibrant, pro­fes­sional and ready to help. With 3 small kids and adven­ture in our hearts we as a fam­ily of 5 spend a lot of time explor­ing our beau­ti­ful Province and I couldn’t wish to be dri­ving any­thing other then my VW 7 seater caddy maxi — what a ride!
  • MD-Logo1-300x89

    Melissa & Doug is sheer delight per­son­i­fied for kid­dies of all ages. Check out www​.atoy​foryou​.co​.za
  • My-Chef1-240x300Its hard to put into words the pro­found dif­fer­ence MY CHEF has made in my fam­i­lies life. I have never been a domes­tic god­dess in fact I think I am the only home eco­nom­ics stu­dent in the his­tory of St Anne’s that grilled her matric final meringue. My hus­band learnt very early on it was either he learnt to cook or he/​we would die.

    Hav­ing Mike cook was a treat and fine when it was just the two of us. Now we are proud par­ents of 2 year old Cooper and I am preg­nant with twins life,is busy and about to step up a level. Hav­ing MY CHEF take care of din­ner in par­tic­u­lar means we get to spend more pre­cious time with Cooper and as you can imag­ine the whole evening rou­tine of feed ‚bath, bed and so on is pretty full on. Speak­ing of Cooper and din­ner time, it was usu­ally such a mis­sion to get him to eat din­ner and with my lim­ited cook­ing skills din­ner was mostly a bland affair.

    The relief of hav­ing din­ner taken care of is such a com­fort. It is not only super con­ve­nient but it also tasty, healthy and the por­tions are extremely gen­er­ous. I adore the con­cept of the meals that come pre­pared all you have to do is assem­ble, it gives me a kick of con­fi­dence get­ting it right. I also love the meals that can be slapped into the freezer and called up as back up. When you do the maths you will see that it works out cheaper using MY CHEF then going and shop­ping for the food, then the has­sle of prepar­ing and cook­ing it. Instead it gets deliv­ered straight to you door, beau­ti­fully pack­aged and ready to enjoy. MY CHEF also allows me to be in bed almost an hour ear­lier then before.
  • niche website solutions

    I am so chuffed to have this online space taken care of by Niche Web­site Solu­tions. Arthur is so jacked up and things get done and with speed and thought. After a few emails back and forth this was my reply to hav­ing seen the new refreshed site for the first time ‘Arthur! I am totally blown away! This is exactly! what I had hoped for-​across the board. I am soooooooooooooooooo Stoked thank you a mil­lion times over delighted doesn’t even come close.
  • Nixon Logo-e1308657185577-300x60

    The first time I ever came into con­tact with NIXON was when I spot­ted a pair of box­ing glove red and gold head­phones. I was totally blown away. NIXON rock my world in a far out way. They have the most insane col­lec­tion of watches and acces­sories. Pag­ing through their cat­a­logue is like peak­ing through the key­hole at Willy Wonkers fac­tory. No really go and check for yourself.
  • puma

    I have gushed over PUMA gear in flashy fash­ion mags for what feels like for­ever. PUMA has got the most amaz­ing lifestyle range. Have you seen the gold PUMA jacket Jack Parow sports? H.O.T. I have always had my own style and it is so groovy to be con­nected to a bright and out there brand.
  • safilo
    Any­one that knows me knows I don’t move with­out my sun­nies and trade­mark thick black spex. You have go and check out the brands they have under their styl­ish umbrella. What a joy being involved with such a rad­i­cal brand, beyond stoked!
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  • Tashas-Fudge1

    Have you ever tasted a piece of Tasha’s Fan­tas­tic Fudge? If the answer is yes you need read on no fur­ther as you already know the silky deca­dent ridicu­lous­ness that is Tasha’s.

    If not treat your lovely self as its the clos­est you will ever get to the tast­ing the offer­ings found inside Mr Wonka’s factory.
    There are as you know many dif­fer­ent types of fudge on the mar­ket but Tasha’s vari­ety and choice leave the rest in the kitchen.
    Fudge that tastes of gin­ger, peanut but­ter and chilli, cof­fee, whiskey, amarula, straw­ber­ries and cream, choco­late, cherry and nut.…what to choose!?

    Then there is the ROCKY ROAD-​my hus­bands all time favourite, in fact if he had to choose between tak­ing me or a packet of rocky to bed to watch a movie I fear for his choice. Rocky Road is a bis­cuit made up of nougat, fudge and chocolate-​pure and utter indul­gence! You also have to try the spread­able fudge oooh and the Fudgeskotti which is a but­ter bis­cuit with chunks of fudge embed­ded in the slice of heaven.

    Dear Lil (my per­sonal trainer) if you are read­ing this I only had one piece ;)

    Check out www​.tashas​fudge​.co​.za for all your sweet tooth demands.
  • WO Logo

    The West­ville Optometrist is a beau­ti­ful bou­tique space, com­plete with a won­der­ful energy (and great cof­fee) Headed by Petrea Lod­der who has been in the game for many years. The first morn­ing I met Petrea a quick dash and go ended up in me sit­ting and chat­ting to Petrea about love, life and every­thing in-​between. The West­ville Optometrist offer free con­sul­ta­tions for chil­dren from Gr R to Gr 7. This process can be daunt­ing for lit­tle ones in a busy school envi­ron­ment. Petrea has a pas­sion for health and education.

    031 2661096