You are enough

Recently on my radio show and I chat­ted about ‘being enough’ and was so sad­dened as to how many peo­ple feel inad­e­quate and not enough. The response com­pletely blown me away. I received so many phone calls, emails and what­sapp mes­sages. I want to note this wasn’t a post to encour­age com­pli­ments, (thank you for the love always) but rather to share as my jour­ney with my weight and body image has been some­thing I have strug­gled with for as long as I can remem­ber. I have been work­ing tire­lessly on my head space to become more accept­ing and kinder to myself. I found it strange that I could be so kind to a room full of strangers but give myself such a hard time day in and out about how I looked. Putting 50kgs on dur­ing my preg­nan­cies didn’t help this low feel­ing of self. I have two emails from two sep­a­rate women stat­ing they don’t have a mir­ror in their home as it’s too hard to see the per­son star­ing back at them. I wish you could see what we see! You are beau­ti­ful! Sure my tummy is squighy and my thighs are big­ger then id like, but instead of slay­ing myself emo­tion­ally and with such unkind words every time I see myself to rather approach myself with love and kind­ness. Each day I make time to get in some car­dio and to eat with a con­scious mind, some­times I get this right and other times want to stay in bed and munch a piece of cake.You are not defined by the num­ber on your scale. You are you, you are enough. It’s time to stop com­par­ing your­self to oth­ers, it’s time to cel­e­brate all that you are, it’s time to be kind to yourself.

Here’s a chal­lenge with every insult you throw match it with a compliment.

Love and kind­ness always x