Arti­cles in Cat­e­gory: 2013

Jane’s Toy Story

Toy Story hand out day is one of the hap­pi­est and most soul destroy­ing days of my year.

The night before I was still toss­ing around at 2am, anx­iously wait­ing for it to get light.

It is never easy see­ing a child in such a state and even worse when the chair next to the bed is empty.

Hav­ing done the drop off many times before, I had pre­pared myself ahead of time but still had to find an empty hall­way to sob my eyes out away from their lit­tle twinkly eyes as I handed them a brand new toy.

Jane reflects on Madiba

Today is a day we knew would come and with Tata’s recent decline I thought I had pre­pared myself.

At 4am this morn­ing I received an SMS from a friend to say Tata is gone.

I sobbed at the end of my bed as the night sky started to lighten and another day had begun, this time with­out our sacred Madiba.

Danny K remem­bers Man­dela

Singer-​songwriter and record pro­ducer Danny K sat down with Jane Linley-​Thomas to talk about the “father of the nation”, Nel­son Man­dela who has died at his Johan­nes­burg home last night at the age of 95.